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Join Startup Canada and Rogers to share your voice to Government

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entrepreneurial success in Canada.


3 Ways to Participate in the Policy Hearings

  1. Observe from the gallery - Watch a policy discussion in action
    from the gallery.

  2. Submit an artifact - Submit physical documents, letters, publications,
    case studies, or resources to the Policy Hearing Desk on site with
    your insights and recommendations for government leaders.  

  3. Participant online - Submit your recommendations online any time
    by October 30th here or by Tweeting #StartupPolicy

  4. (always include #StartupDay as well!)





8.00 - 8.45 AM

Scaling Our Global Talent Advantage

How can the government best support newcomers entrepreneurs to scale thriving businesses?

with Rob Oliphant, Chair of the Committee on Citizenship and Immigration


8.45 - 9.30 AM

Advancing the Growth of Women-Led Businesses

How can the government best support the success of women-led businesses?

with Karen Vecchio, Chair of the Committee of Status of Women


9.45- 10.05 AM

Procurement Modernization

How can the government modernize the procurement process to provide better service delivery, scale supplier diversity, and support startups to scale?

with Dan Ruimy, Chair, Standing Committee on Innovation, Science, and Economic Development


10.15 - 10.55 AM

Helping Entrepreneurs to Own the Global Podium

How can the government best support entrepreneurs to ‘Own the Podium’ for Canada on the global stage?


2.00 - 2.45 PM

Ensuring the Skills for the Future

How can the government ensure that Canadian entrepreneurs have the skills necessary to remain competitive?


3.00 - 3.45 PM

Advancing Social Innovation

How can Canada become the leading nation for social innovation and entrepreneurship?



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